Wednesday, April 20, 2011

18 Months

Little Ms. Indie is 18 Months..Just thought it would be fun to list a bunch of facts about her
*She has fangs...full on white trash/vampire style fangs-that and two bottom teeth.
*She has just figured out that I am "MA" and says, ok more yells, it over and over for all of her needs and wants
*She is very fiesty
*She loves books
*She loves Izaiah! And wants to do everything with him
*Her hair has come in curly and I LOVE it
*She has tiny yet chubby feet. Size 3's but the fat on the top hangs out of all her shoes
*Is soooo messy. All day long, she spreads toys from one end of the house to the other. I swear all we do is pick up after her
*Still a very good sleeper. Takes 2-3 hour naps and sleeps from 8pm to 9-10am
*She has gone to nursery once, and did really well. Went right in with only a little fuss (thank goodness)
*Loves animals and music
*Is very crazy in the bath-you would think she was trying to drown herself. No fear at all in the bath
*Is chubby;weighing in at 27 lbs
*Loves her blankies...a little to much
*Is so happy and animated
*Says dada, mom, Izaiah, Dog, Grandpa, Grandma, ball, bubble, baby, mine, Lucy
Here are some more recent pictures of Indie!!


this and and then said...

oh my...Love the curly hair ans the fangs- she's so cute!

Haywood Family said...


mel or kel said...

She is the cutest!! and now she can say Harper-because he is her favorite cousin in the whole world!!!