Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I saw this on my cousin, Whitney's, blog and thought it was a great idea. Just 10 random things or thoughts every Tuesday. So, a day late-here you go.

1. I committed to a "Figure" Show. I will be dieting and working out for it for a total of 16 weeks. Its VERY strict and a lot of dedication. I wanted to do something to push myself more than I ever have. To prove that mentally I am strong.I am 2 weeks in and have not cheated once! In the end I will get up on stage (I am doing the show as my accountabibility to not cheat) in a bikini (yea..I know scary) and get up in front of judges. I am gonna start a blog soon with pics and all that goes into this show. Wish me luck, I am gonna need it!

2. Indie loves the word "NO" she says it all the time, and I am really not sure how to get her to stop. Any suggestions?

3. We are settled into our new place. Only problem, we still feel so out of place. All our friends are up in our old ward-doin their thing. And we have yet to make a friend in our new ward. Kinda sucks

4. Joe and I were called into Nursery...enough said

5. Joe is loving and doing amazing in his nursing program. A's in his last two classes, and an A on his last test for this class. We are very excited and proud of him

6. Izaiah just finished swim lessons. He did so well, and loves showing off his new swimming skills

7. I love the 4th of July, I bought an outfit for Indie far in advance. The East Millcreek parade never disapoints!! I love all the festivities that will be going on

8. I have sleep issues and the only way I sleep well is by taking Unisom-I need to stop

9. We are taking part of a 30 Day Family Temple attendance with Joe's family. It for Joe's sick younger sister. My day is Thursday, it will be nice to get to the temple that much this next month.

10. I am very thankful for my sister, Melissa, who watches my kids every Wednesday so I can work. She loves them so much and they LOVE her. I am so grateful to have her around.

Ten things to say is a lot harder than I thought. I will do better next week


whitney said...

pretty soon you will start thinking of 10 random things all the time! I am total interested to hear about your workouts and diet! I have zero, no make that negative will power!

this and and then said...

Linds- that is so awesome- I couldn't even think of a bikini! I just swam for the first time to see if I could even compete in a triathlon- it's nice to know we can "DO HARD THINGS" we'll be cheering for you! Good luck. PS I can't sleep without taking a gravol every night- what's wrong with us??